Monday, January 10, 2011

I'll always miss you

And every now and then you're reminded how crazy life can get at times, how everything only seems to be under our control when actually we're all like puppets in a play, each character can only perform what its creator wants it to, it can only be on the screen/stage for as long the creator wants it to, not a second more or a second less can it stay with its own free will....

One of my best friends from school passed away this morning. Its hard to believe how she dwindled from a healthy individual to being bed ridden. She lives lived in Lahore, a city to the north of Pakistan and I hadnt met her in ages, our only correspondence was through phone calls, text msgs and facebook. It was a shock when her brother texted me that 'S' was sick, and uncon   with the possibility of a brain tumor. She had been okay a day back, talking, walking joking etc at night she complained of a head ache went to the doctor and got some pills, the headache didn't subside and she had to make a visit to the hospital at which time she fainted. She was admitted but never really gained conciousness, she was also on the ventilator..

I'm sure the past 9 days must've have been one of the most tormenting times for her family, I could feel for 'S' from being miles away and I can imagine how her parents must've felt seeing their daughter in that condition, its just sooo sad..

I now wish I had called more often, texted more often or could have met her someway...that's my biggest regret, I just cant believe she's not there.That even if I go to Lahore now I wont be able to meet her, hug her or atleast see her..Lahore meant 'S', the idea of going to Lahore meant meeting 'S' and she's just no more, not there..

I pray for her soul and I pray for her family..This is just how nature works, Allah knows best and even though we find a thousand faults everything happens for a reason which is often high above our comprehension, May Allah give us and especially her family the patience to bear with this loss..

'S' you shall always be missed, may Allah grant you the best of Jannah, you shall forever and ever be in our prayers :'( :'(

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  1. One of my best friends passed away last summer. My life will never be the same.

    May ALLAH bless your friend and may her soul rest in peace.