Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hills over beaches

Yay, another blog award ! I just love grabbing these little pics and putting em up on my page as if they were trophies on my shelf...Thank you very much Sana for liking my blog and awarding me this precious little treasure. You're a fabulous blogger yourself girl !

The 7 random things that I need to say about myself for getting this are -

1 - I hate heights and edges ! Heights make me feel lonely and punched out and edges (on heights) simply  mean the end of the world to me.

2 -  Accidents and I have a long history, I once drowned in a swimming pool,( I was 6 and didnt know how to swim). Had my index finger of right hand chopped off by accident, it was literally hanging by a few appendages of skin ! ( Its okay and normal now), fractured my patella (knee bone) once and dislocated it thrice, and once almost short circuited my entire house !

3 - I have an unnatural love for coffee beverages and coffee itself.

4 - I have a tendency to be emotionally and spiritually over attached to the people around me,  I lose my individuality and thats kinda hard to explain.

5 - I prefer sunrise over sunset, a picnic over shopping, purple over pink, the hills over the beach ( I dont like beaches very much, it gives me a strange uncanny feeling, even though I've lived in coastal cities all my life), and good relationships over good books !

6 - If I had a million bucks the first thing I'd do would be to fulfill all my parents wishes, then ofcourse I'd go on with all the other plans I have for my country and humanity in general.

7 - I'm not actually Pakistani, infact I'm not even a girl, I just blog as a girl because it helps me get popular..Geez Relax ! Just kidding :D

The seven people I'm tagging to receive this award are -

1 - Unveiling Harini
2 - Orderly Chaos
3 - Solo Muslimah
4 Somalian Arab Princess
5 - Writing for life
6 -  Beneath the Kohl
7 - The emotional lava

Grab it people, you deserve it !


  1. awesome read though the accidents made me say ouchh im glad your okk nice to knw even more about you and thanks alot sweety for the award :)

  2. lol @ those accidents! May Allah(SWT) saves you from more :|

  3. Thanxx Najwa...thankooo soo much for remembering me though i m out of sight for quite a while now...