Saturday, January 1, 2011

New moon and a New year !

I was watching 'New moon' when the clock struck 12 last night and the air was filled with sounds of fire crackers ! My parents were watching the celebrations on TV downstairs but I didn't bother to get out of my blanket and continued watching. I had been planning on watching 'New moon' since ages but somehow always ended up watching some other movie instead of it. The movie was total crap I'd say. The books are always better but in the case of the Twilight series, when I think of it in retrospect, I wonder what made me such a huge fan. I now think the entire series was just a cheesy teenage fascination ! I mean why on earth would a human choose to live like a vampire !! For God's sake I mean, why !? And please don't say " For love"..If I were in Bella's place I would have chosen Jacob and lived a normal life and not made Charlie so unhappy ! But oh well everyone makes their own choices and I've always had the tendency to fall for the character other than the lead in almost all the movies with a love triangle ( yeah I'm weird)..

Oh I forgot to say HAPPY NEW YEAR !! I hope you guys have a wonderful year ahead and stick to your resolutions..My resolutions for this time are in two sets. The first set is of things I have to do and the second set is of the changes or adjustments I need to do with my attitude and personality..

Set A - Things to do

1 - Study for the boards
2 - Improve my clinical skills
3 - Excel in driving ( I stink at it )
4 - Stop wasting time
5 - Be more regular with my exercise
6 - Increase fruits in my diet
7 - Loose a few inches here and there

Set B - Attitude changes

1 - Be more focused and present minded.
2 - Be more objective oriented.
3 - Get rid of my indecisiveness
4 - To live while studying not study while living.
5 - Be a better group leader ( for my clinical group)
6 - Improve my self confidence.

I hope 2011 brings us all, happiness, the fulfillment of our prayers and a lot of blessings. Cheers :) 


  1. Happy New Year Najwa :). I hope you will be able to do everything from the two sets :)

  2. Those goals seem be right on the target. Exactly what you need to achieve to become a focused medical student. I relate to one goal specially: 'To live while studying not study while living.'

  3. I hope you are able to follow through with your goals :-)

    Happy new year!

  4. happy new jua...thanks for making my new year special right from the you <3

  5. and i apologize for introducing twilight to you...even now i wonder too why i liked this crap...not only that i actually pushed u guys to read it...bad uzma!

  6. oh one more thing....dont be too harsh on ur CG u know they are kids afterall...its their age to play and enjoy you know :p

  7. happy new year to u too :) but well, i'll have to disagree with what u said about the series...i have never been a fan of the twilight series be it the books or the movies. u r right abt the the total crap thing.. they r crap, i mean how can u even think about a life with someone non-human?? and in that case jacob was also not a human...he was a ware-wolf too :P