Thursday, January 6, 2011

Garden fresh !

I've spent almost two weeks at home and classes dont start till the 17th ! Our result which should've been out and forgotten by now is still a well awaited surprise ( for the good or the bad). Uzma ( my bestie, if you guys dont already know her by now) had her birthday on the 2nd of Jan..I spent that day at her place, we ate, talked,ate, talked and then talked all over again..The party was scheduled for 5th and it was a combined birthday party for Aniqa, Sidra, Anum and Uzma, excluding Uzma all of them had their birthday during exams and couldn't be celebrated so we decided to have them all together...

The governor of Punjab got killed by his own guard day before yesterday, some extremist guy, but Thank God  the killer was arrested immediately

Other than that Karachi has been really cold since last week, and I'm enjoying the winters as much as I can, hot coffee, blankies, warm sweaters and dry fruits are the merry joys of winter for me :)

 Our garden looks very pretty these days with so many fruits hanging on the trees. We have papaya trees, custard apple trees, banana trees, limes and cheekoos ( I dont know what they're called in english)  in our garden, and excluding  the limes and bananas all of them are in full bloom, here are some pics...

The custard apples and the cheekus , fresh from the garden !

Our papaya tree, the plastic bag's there to protect the ripe papayas from being eaten by birds, or otherwise they'd be gnawed like one of the papayas visible in the pic (the orange one)


The cheeku tree, the cheekus aren't very visible in this picture though :(

Custard apple !


  1. I have never heard of custard apples, but they look really yummy!! I'll have to try one someday! I hope your bestie had a happy birthday! :]

  2. i wonder why i didnt notice this garden farm before...and i have been to ur place like a zillion times!!!

  3. oh and thanks for making my birthday you jua <3

  4. what a coincidence. there are custard apples, lime and papayas in my nani's garden too :)