Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Iftaar delights

So I promised a post on Iftaar items and here it is. For clarification Iftaar is the name for the food that's eaten at the breaking of fast. It could be anything, your usual dinner, salads, drinks etc but its Sunnah (practice of prophet pbuh) to open the fast with water and dates and thats what most muslims do. At our household, my we usually prepare various snack items and drinks. Here are some pictures of what we usually eat,
Pakoras - Its basically a gram flour preparation that's fried. Its high in calories so we restrict the amount we consume, but its really tasty. Its also a special favourite in the rainy season.

Black chick peas, cooked in spices and onions
These are lentils that are usually mixed with the black chick peas .

Dahi Baras - These are fried and boiled baras, made out of lentils, and then mixed with yoghurt. Spices are sprinkled on the top

A banana, pineapple and peach smoothie !


Kidney beans
Fruit chaat (Fruit Salad)

Egg halwa ( Its basically egg cooked in sugar and oil)

A little bit of everything
This is Rooh Afza - Its a herbal drink that's often favoured in iftaar.I got this picture from the net because I'm usually so thirsty that I gulp the entire glass down before I can actually take a pic :)    

These are just some of the items that are usually prepared for Iftaar in a typical Pakistani household.

PS - These pics were taken on various occasions. Its not that we eat all that in one day, the max we have is 5 - 6 items per day :)


  1. I started off wondering if you guys ate this all at once, that would have been quite the feast :)
    It all looks delicious!

  2. lol...nice labellin...:p but a great article never the less..

  3. well this is one delicious post...

    P.S. i want to try that egg ka halwa...you know what to do :p


  4. yum!! Can't you do a how to make it post?? Pretty please??

  5. Thanks Angela :) There've been times when we've had all that and more on our table, but that happens only on parties :)

    Thanks Zain ! And I'll surely try and get you some egg ka halwa UJ :)

    A how to make it post ? Hmm Ill surely come up with that one soon Carina :) And thanks for liking it

  6. i LLOVEE dahi baras :) *my mouth waters*

  7. awwie.. yummy =D i LOVE Ramadan food ^^ =D

  8. We shouldn't be watching this during Fast, should we??:'(