Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Help the flood victims !! - Here's how

As if the tragic plane crash wasnt enough to keep the nation mourning , now we have the floods that have devastated most of the northern areas of the country. There's not much I feel like I can say on this subject besides the fact that it isnt a pretty picture out there. Thousands have died and  many millions displaced. The food and clean water supplies are running out. The victims are stranded without the basic necessities of life and need shelter, medication, food and water supplies. I hope the Pakistani nation stands strong to help out those in distress like it has always done.

Here's a short list of organizations you can contact if  you're willing to help

Al Khidmat foundation

Edhi foundation

Sungi Development Foundation

Pakistan Red Crescent Society

Pakistani Youth

PS - The pictures have been collected from various sources on the internet

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  1. we should all help our fellows generously..hope all the victims of flood can get back to nomral life soon.