Saturday, August 14, 2010

Indepence day and Ramadan

There used to be a phrase "Time flies" which I think is totally invalid now, because time isnt just flying these days, its whizzing by at ultra sonic speed. Its just been a week since my last post and yet it seems like a gazillion years have gone by. So much has happened and so much has changed.
First of all, Ramadan greetings to everyone ! The month of Ramadan had a pleasant start for me on Wednesday as the moon was sighted ( The muslim calender is the lunar calender). I just got back from a friends birthday, and was with my bestie Uzma when the moon sighting commitee announced the month of Ramadan on the news, we greeted and hugged and got to see the moon together ( on the TV :), we just couldn't spot it in the sky).With Ramadan comes the fasting and worship and a change of lifestyle since all the eating and drinking is shifted from dusk to dawn instead of the other way round that usually happens the rest of the year. But I just love Ramadan its my favourite month of the year, filled with blessings, internal satisfaction and of course followed by Eid !!

Secondly, my dad had his birthday on the very first day of Ramadan. I brought home a Chocolate fudge cake on my way back from college and we celebrated it at Iftaar (breaking of fast). One important lesson I've learnt is that the best present for my dad is definitely good food. I'm sure even a blackberry wouldn't have made him as happy and excited as the cake did ! The saying "the way to a man's heart is through his mouth" proved itself right in my dad's case !

Thirdly, the flood has wrecked havoc in Pakistan and I don't remember seeing any situation this worse as long as I've lived here ! Millions have been displaced, the death toll is rising and not just that, diseases like Malaria, diarrhea, dysentry stand a risk of becoming epidemic in the displaced population. Its a relief to know that the Pakistan Army is diligently working to help the people, and I find great pride in the fact that the general population and citizens of Pakistan are actively donating to help the victims. My own college mates are busy in fund raising and are volunteering to make packages and parcels of life saving drugs, tents, kitchen utensils and other equipments to be delivered to the affected areas.

A man trying to save his children after losing everything in the floods

Fourthly, its the 14th of August today, the day Pakistan got its independence from the British ruled sub continent back in 1947, this day naturally holds great meaning and importance but this time there wont be any national celebrations since half the nation is in mourning and its our duty to stand in solidarity and sympathize with them as fellow Pakistanis..


  1. Ramadan Kareem to you too. I hope inshAllah things will get better for us as a nation soon.

  2. Ramadan Kareem Mubarak.
    Lets hope this ramzan brings blessing for our nation. Ameen

  3. @ Tauqeer and Nostalgic - Ameen

    @ K - Thanks :)

  4. I love the first sentence! :)

    love the rest of it too :)))

  5. hey..happy Ramadan to you.may the flood situation improve in our country and god bless the people..
    Nice blog..its good to know more about the postive side of your country and your lifestyle..and yes wish your dad a happy brthday on my behalf.

  6. Hey sis Lovely Blog, and Ramadan Kareem, Pakistan is in our duas may Allah ease their burdens at this special time Inshallah Ameen
    from naz @

  7. I hope things get better for us. Ramadan is a month of blessings and joy. I hope that these blessings make our nation stronger and united in these times. And I hope next independence day Pakistan is smiling brightly. InshAllah!