Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Top 21 feelings !

There are the best feelings I've ever had. I'm sure  you can relate to many of these

1 - Being surrounded by unknown people, feeling awkward and then suddenly seeing a familiar face, a friends face, and immediately being filled with warmth and happiness !

2 - Eating the last bit of my favourite chocolate fudge cake and still wanting more, being sad that its finished and then remembering "hey I stored some in another container in the fridge !!"

3 - Playing in the rain with friends or having a pillow fight !

4 - Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing I still have more time to sleep.

5 - Standing against harsh challenges, all tired and alone, but turning around to see that I'm not alone, I have an entire team of friends and family to support me..

6 - Having a child hold my finger and tug me to do something as harmless as opening the door for him/her.

7- Getting involved in an arguement with someone and then having friends race to help me out and support me !

8 -  Having my Dad express his love by patting and and rubbing my head, especially when I'm about to fall asleep.

9 - Knowing that at times my mom trusts me more than I trust myself !

10 - Reading and understanding the Quran .

11- Talking to Allah in solitude and knowing that he's always there to protect me, feed me, and give me the courage to face life !

12 - Having hours to spend with nothing on my To-Do means time for leisure, time for myself ! :)

13 - Sitting on a window or behind a glass wall oblivious to the world and watching people go about their chores and their businnesses. In other words - Observing life in movement while I stand still and invisible to the world...

14 - Having heart to heart conversations with my girlfriends !

15 - Having someone tell me - "Im there for you" ( Alhamdollilah I've a lot of friends who've not only said that but proved it)

16 - The immense satisfaction when I do something good for a stranger !

17 - Being hugged while crying

18 - Seeing something so magnificent that the only word I could possibly utter was "wo..."

19 - Having a lengthy heated debate with someone over something where the other party is adamant that he/she is right and I'm wrong and then seeing their stuck up nose turning downward and their lips turning inward when I show them the proof and prove them wrong !

20 - Winning a match ! Especially when you're on a team ! (As in - not solo, like tennis or badminton...

21 - Have a friend rudely tell me..."Hey ! You're not a friend, you're a sister !"

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  1. Ahh good one! :)
    i can relate to almost all of them!! cheers!

    hey btw, i saw Misbah on MetroOne one night talking about PWA! Tell her I am proud of you all for what you are doing and also for her being such a good speaker!

  2. those all are surely gud feelings :)

  3. HI new follower from LBS tea party!

  4. These are all such great feelings!
    Stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Society Tea Party :)

  5. A good post :). I might be copying the idea soon :P.

  6. @ Maryam - Sure Maryam, Ill convey ur msg to her :)

    @ Majworld - :)

    @ Meaghan - Thanks for stopping by and thanks a lot for following ! I'm following you too :)

    @ Angela - Thanks a lot for stopping by :)

    @ Harini - Thanks <3

  7. Yeah nice post, I can relate to most of them.

  8. Aww this is so true <3

    and when someone proves that they actually are there for you, it feels like heaven :)

  9. First time on your blog. You write really well, I'm so following you Najwa :)

    And yes, I could relate to sooo many things here. Esp, the storing choco fudge cake, letting a baby hold my finger, being hugged whilst crying and winning a match :) and yes, its feels heavens when a friend term you as a sister :)

  10. hey wonderful post sister :D

  11. I loved reading these. Especially 1-4, 14 & 17 :)

  12. Nice post Najwa. :)I stalked you almost a month ago too but you were not updating your blog back then.Anyways,for a side note you confiscated my cell phone once and I can't forget that. lolz =P Best wishes sent your way :)

  13. Thanks a looot everyone :) and thanks for following Nostalgic, I hope you'll like the experience :)

    @ Xehra - Oh the wonderful ways life makes you come across some one ! I'm sorry about that, it was a part of my duty :(

  14. I love #6, even as I read it, it made me all warm inside =}