Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have a lot to write about today but I think I'll just focus on one major thing. My activity this Saturday. I'm sure it was the best and the most rewarding Saturday in the history of Saturdays :)

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The floods have wrecked havoc in most parts of the country and it's time we took some social responsiblity. Many of my my friends are volunteering for the flood relief efforts, all in whatever capacity they can and so I thought I should play my part too. Mobashir, a friend had been volunteering for the Pakistan Medical Association and was involved in fund raising so the rest of us came up with a plan to help him out. We did a door to door fund raising campaign in the colony I live in. Maryam, Azka, Huzair, Hunain, Mobashir himself and I knocked almost 60 - 70 doors on Saturday morning and afternoon to collect Zakat and donations for the flood victims which shall be delivered to them in the form of medication and food items through the Pakistan Medical Association which has medical camps set up in the affected areas. We collected a staggering amount of around Rs 45 000 !!

And I really want to mention this guy whom we came across in the block next to mine. We knocked his door, and introduced ourselves to him ( Azka, Huzair and I, we did the campaigning in two teams) , he gave us and our cause a patient hearing and then when he handed me over the cash for donation , he refused to take the receipt for it by saying "Its all about trust" , smiled and then closed the door as I hurriedly thanked him. It really was inspiring to see that a total stranger was trusting me with his money just based on the few words of introduction I had given about myself and the cause !

Well, after a long tiring walk in the sunny afternoon all of us headed back to my home, offered our prayers, played board games, watched a movie and then did our Aftaar (breaking of fast at dusk)..

Not only was the aspect of doing something good very rewarding but we also had a lot of fun and it was a new experience all together. And the subsequent board game, movie, and aftaar session with my dear friends was the added hype and happiness :)

Zakat - The annual donation that affording muslims have to give as a religious obligation

PS - Keep visiting the blog cuz the next post shall be on Aftaar delights !! You dont wanna miss that :)


  1. that's simply aweessoomee! JazakAllah!!

  2. i soooooooo wanted to come...i am sad i missed the chance :(((
    you guys did an awesome job...proud to be your friend :D


  3. jazakallah khair najwa for all you do! i know that day made you feel so happy. i can feel it as you write. youre a wonderful young woman alhamdulillah.

  4. aww... I am glad you were able to do something to help out :-)

  5. wow, this is really great! Kudos to you guys! =)

  6. really cool post we r trying 2 do allw e can for Pakistan all the way from the UK too
    naz @

  7. I think one of the nicer side effects of tragedy is how the community bands together and stands as one. Too bad it is very difficult to do that in normal everyday life but it is what it is.

  8. I found you through The Lady Blogger Social Tea Party. Your blog has intrigued me. I'm interested in reading about the life of a girl from the other side of our planet... to learn how our lives are different and to see if we have anything in common.

    I look forward to looking at your other posts.

    Stef @