Saturday, June 5, 2010

The gate opens, and out walks Najwa !

The world seemed like a changed place after I stepped out of the examination hall ! The winds felt cooler, the trees were greener, the birds were chirpier and even the naggy guard at the gate felt like such an angel !! My minding was whirling into the possibilities of  having a good eight hours sleep, looking at myself in the mirror , good food and talking to my mom to my hearts content ! Ummm no I havent been back from serving a sentence in prison, really no ! I just got back after taking my last exam of this semester :) And boy was it a tough semester, I had to put myself into self exile to study, could'nt even get enough sleep ! And I'm not exaggerating, during the viva today , the examiner actually asked me if I had a normal LFT ( Liver Function test) because my eyes looked yellow and jaundicised to him !!( Yikes , hey, wait, readers please dont run away , I assure you I'm not suffering from Hepatitis and am neither a source of any other contagious disease ! You can all come back now ! ) My eyes turn yellowish whenever I'm exhausted but it was the first time someone commented that way , I must have been fatigued for sure !  But anyways enough of the exam talk, there's a lot more to yak yak about.

The Cyclone ' Phet ' is on its way to strike Karachi, there've been warnings and alerts splashing across TV screens , newspapers and the radio for the past three days or so !  According to the latest news it might just strike sometime in the evening today or tomorrow morning. All the ships have been docked safe, the advertisements on the bill boards across Karachi have been brought down to make them stable to face the winds , mommy dearest has cleaned all the possible water outlets we have in the house and my nani (grandma) has her old energizer torch all set and functional !! And well all I've done is get my laptop fully charged !...Jokes apart , I hope the cyclone doesn't cause much damage and my fellow Karachites are all saved from all sorts of casualties !

 A picture as the cyclone takes aim at Oman before striking Karachi !   


  1. hope your nani gets to use her handy dandy torch :)

  2. congrats on finishing your exam! enjoy the time off!

  3. @Pixie

    Oh she's using it alright. She aims the light on my face at night to see if I'm still awake !! :)

  4. @ C

    Thanks :) I'm already out painting the town red :)