Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tricks and dodges !!

The first ever expected diamond in my life was nothing but a betrayal ! A false hope that changed my life for four good memorable days ! But like every other dramatic episode in my life this one also ended in deception, painful, miserable deception...

Now for all those who thought I was getting engaged/married, you must've missed reading my previous posts, had you done that you would've known that the diamond I was referring to was the cyclone 'Phet' !! Thai for diamond..(The only diamond that us Karachite's ever got scared off, I'm sure.) And for all those who figured it out without reading my posts , go get ur IQ level checked , I'm sure Mensa needs more members :)

Any ways, so the the well awaited, well feared of and well talked/ written about cyclone chose to spare us and deflect itself to the east ! Even though it was something to be thankful about all that waiting and preparation made it something to loathe. I mean all that program cancellations, safety measures and even exam postponements for some ended in nothing..But anyways there were rains and the weather turned from unbearably hot to pleasant for about 48 hours, so that's an upside..And even though I was a little upset with nothing happening I'm still thanking Allah for saving Karachi from destruction..and alongside I pray that Allah help those who are in distress along the eastern regions of Pakistan and even in the west where the cyclone did wreck havoc..may God give them the strength to rise above it all ..Amen

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