Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday update

We celebrated Mubashir's birthday on Wednesday..Yeah the same Mubashir who comes up with ideas so ingenius you'd be left wondering what he feeds his brains with ! But of course he's a dear friend and we were really looking forward to the day the "world was enlightened by ideas" 20 or so years ago.

Jokes apart, I must say, of all the people that we friends have surprised, Mubashir was the one who reacted in the most heartiest way, he just couldn't hide his grin. I wonder whether the reason behind it was the cake, the cards, the present we gave him, or our cameras flashing across his face !!

All this birthday galore is making me more and more excited for my own birthday.I just cant wait for 19th July anymore, the secretive little Uzma is busy making my present and she would n't even allow a glimpse...But anyways I love her for putting in all that effort for a chimp like me :D


  1. i cant wait either to show it to you buddy :D i hope you like it..

  2. That birthday cake looks so yummy!!!!

    Happy birthday to your friend! ;p

  3. Oh it sure was delicious ! And I'll convey your greetings to him ;)

  4. That is one tasty looking cake! Did you make it? Or is it bought? ;) Looks very professional!

  5. Hello from Australia. Found you via the flip-off friday blog hop and will follow as I'd like to learn and understand more about life in Pakistan. Where were you from originally? That cake certainly didn't look low calorie!

  6. @ Carina the Blogarina - I bought it from a bakery near my home :) My cakes never look THAT professional :)

    @Cheryl - Thanks for following :)You can check out my articles under the label of Culture to know more about the Pakistani culture.I'll make sure post a few new ones too :) I'm a Pakistani but I spent most of my life with my dad who used to work abroad. And that cake was anything but low-calorie Cheryl :)