Sunday, June 6, 2010

Awaiting the mighty beast !!

I'm sitting in my room, in front of the window, watching the intermittent, fluctuant rains. Its been this way since 1 am last night, when I started getting text messages from my friends all hyped up and excited about the rain. Yeah thats how we Karachite's react to rain and cloudy weather. I remember reading books by English writers back in school where the author would describe a sunny weather as pleasant and uplifting, and all my class fellows including me would be amazed at the writers altered sense of perception ! The teacher would then smile at us and explain how the English have rains and cloudy weather all the time so the sun is always a welcomed guest. So you see we tend to like things that are new or are less frequent in our lives. As is the case of rains in the hot, sunny lives of Karachite's . We hardly get to see rains besides the few monsoon drizzles in July. But yes we are pretty afraid of cyclones and destructive forces of nature just like all the other people around the globe !

Anyways, so I was up till 3 am last night constantly texting my friends about how the weather was in their locality and what they've been upto. One of my friends Maria lives right next to the beach ! And with the cyclone just lurking around the corners of Karachi's shore she was constantly updating us of the weather situation there ! With friends like Maria and cellphone's who needs news channels ?.. So its still raining and as per the news the cyclone is 200 km away, Karachi is fully prepared and praying , lets see how much power the mighty 'Phet' has to unleash on us !

Phet , Thai for diamond is the name that's been given to this cyclone !
The coast of Karachi - Courtesy

 So all you people out there keep praying for Karachi !


  1. I just put myself in a poor man's shoes and felt how sad, frustrated and almost envious he would feel seeing the rich being apathetic to the pains of a man such as himself...

  2. Exactly. No wonder they're cynical!

  3. Left an award for you on my blog! :)