Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yay ! Im really really happy. I just got my first blog award from NiSara from Beneath the Kohl ! She is a girl with immense talent and great writing skills ! Thank you very much NiSara , thanks indeed !

I'll pass it on to some blogs that I really enjoy , here goes

Carl's pottery and life blog
JayMay:Life lessons
Confessions of a shopaholic Medical student

I hope I haven't missed out on anyone, and if I have and I somehow wake up in the middle of the night thinking of how I should've given it to someone and did'nt I'll come online and make sure I do !!

P.S - Dont forget to pass it on to your favourite blogs !


  1. great! me got it too...
    but i am so confused how to put it up :P please help hehe... also tell me how to do this snapshot thingy! waiting....

  2. oh i just figured snapshots myself... you still have to tell me about the blog award!

  3. Oh my goodness thanks girl! I'll start thinking of someone to pass it along too :] You're amazing!

  4. @ Emzee -

    Go to your design/layout page and click on 'add a gadget' which will be visible on a tiny box on page layout. Go through the list of gadgets that opens up, there'd be a gadget called 'add picture' u can save the image on ur pc and browse and add it, i'm sure u'll figure it out after that. Lemme know if it still doesn't work.

  5. @JayMay

    You're welcome JayMay ! Your blog is amazing too :)

  6. Thanks a lot Johana ! I wanted to pass it on to you too but NiSara already did ! Congratulations to you too :)