Thursday, May 27, 2010

Solving mysteries ! ( Reading about them actually !)

Woof ! I just spent the past hour gazing at the most ridiculously gross pictures while preparing for my Forensic medicine exam. All the way from pictures of burn victims to cases of self amputations, homicidal electrocutions and what not. If it wasn't for the intensity of their heart scratching content, I'd put them up here to prove my point.

We have forensic medicine as a subject in 3rd year of med school. Now this was a field that had always fascinated me, even as a child, I mean thats what I saw the cool cops doing on TV, and thats how the most intriguing of mysteries got solved on CSI. So I was kinda awe-inspired by the aspect of mystery solving. But now when I'm supposed to study it as a subject, I realise how its not as amazing as it seems on TV.

On of the major things I find horrible in this field are the dead bodies and the gruesome condition they are in sometimes. Thank God we're not made to take classes in the mortuary and have to study mostly by pictures and online visual aid. But nevertheless, studying about some fascinating criminal cases and how forensic medicine helps to solve them is surely fascinating. For instance there was this case where a man was accused of killing three of his wives ( one after the other) who all happened to be rich. During the criminal investigation traces of arsenic were found in the coffins of all three of the wives (on exhumation) and the man was pronounced guilty and hanged. But years later a medical student not satisfied with the verdict did an investigation on his own and found that the arsenic in the coffins had actually sept in from the soil around the graves which had high natural arsenic levels !!!

And another case of a car crash where the driver ( a woman) had died. It was a clear case of an accident but during investigation the police found the keys in the ignition in the off position, and the apparently innocent car accident turned into a case of murder !!

Fascinating eh ? I hope it wasn't too intense. Studying all this has made me a little tough hearted but I've tried to keep the content moderate..Please let me know if it isn't. I'm off to sleep now ( I hope I dont get nightmares !)


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  2. I totally understand what you mean Najwa. Call it curiosity but i read up on some of the cases mentioned in the book and they were utterly revolting. Even though they made me feel sick to my stomach but i was really intrigued by the fact how a human can be this cruel, how can one just watch the other person suffering and do nothing at all. Its really mind boggling for me.
    Studying forensic really turns my mood sour. After forensic i need my quality drama time to forget all about the gruesome stuff.

  3. Hey blog sis!

    I love mysteries and you know i was actually thinking of becoming a forensic expert. But i cant stand to pierce people. I get shaky hands. So i gave up on that dream as well as doctor. *hugs*

  4. hey :)
    its refreshing to find a fellow medical student's blog. Your blog is a fun read! I must admit I didn't ever get grossed out by forensic, it was all fascination for me! You'll really enjoy community medicine next:)

    Holler back at my blog sometime!

  5. i changed the template again hehe :P

  6. @ Harini

    It sure is scary to be piercing people, especially dead ones ! I dont think I'm gonna pursue my studies in forensic medicine either :) *hugs back*

    @ Pixie

    Feels great to come across a medical student too ! Keep visiting :) And I'll surely be hollering at your blog :)