Monday, May 3, 2010

So who's up for inviting me ?

Its exam time and I'm supposed to be studying with all my spirit and soul but, behold, my magazine rack is filled with numerous wedding invitation cards. My granny's cousin's daughter is getting married and I'm invited along with my granny ! My mom's second cousin is having a wedding and I'm supposed to attend it ! My mom's cousin's sister in law is getting married and they'd be 'delighted' if we became a part of the event ! Yeah, this is where having a closely knit family system gets you, finding your aunt's cousin's daughter-in- law's mother-in-law at a wedding should be of no surprise in Pakistan ! Our weddings are filled with all the possible people you could relate to. In case you're thinking why hasn't the possibilty of politely declining crossed my mind ! Bravo , Say Hello to my Super convincing and duper emotional blackmailing mom and heck those puppy dog looks too ! Because you see mom says and I quote " What is Aunt XYZ gonna say ? She'd be really sad if you wont go !" ( As if ! ) or  " Oh come on ! You'll like it there " ( I serioulsy dont ! ) and " Oh you can just make friends with Cousin ABC " ( as if my sullen face with everted lips would even bring anyone close to me !)

My exams start in two weeks and all of a sudden all my relatives decide to marry ! I mean seriously would it harm them if they waited for my exams to get over ! Or are they participating in some kind of 'who gets a baby first marathon !' speaking of which reminds me that our population is growing way too rapidly, but hey an  idea just clicked ! I'm just gonna go to a wedding and start talking about population control , family planning or the economic burden with the ever increasing population!  Lets see how it affects the weddings or rather the wedding invitations I get !

PS - I just got back from a friend's bro's reception which was really wonderful and actually the only wedding I was eagerly waiting for this month :) . And as long as my study schedule isn't affected I dont mind attending weddings at all ! So please keep rolling those invitation cards in . And dont worry I will not ruin it for you by talking about population control, or will I ?? :p


  1. u had me in one of your events! i love ur post! <3

  2. Thanks Amna ! And I really enjoyed that wedding too. I would've been bored to death without you !

  3. Great post, Najwa! Thank you.

  4. this was really funnyy.. though my mom isn't like that.. i might be the one thinking of reasons i might use to go... cuz i hardly get any invitations. we have a really kinda small family circle and whoever there is, they aren't getting married right now...

  5. i m so sad i missed the "friend's bro's wedding" :(((
    nice post najwa!