Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm back !

God, my eyes are burning ! But there's no way I'm stopping from staring at my little laptop. My poor little lap pet, that I just couldn't attend to for the past two weeks !... Exams, yes of course, what other reason can a medical student give for his/her miserable episodes in life. We had our 5th semester exams and I just back after taking the pathology exam. OSPE's ( Objective structured Practical exams) are due next week and then Insh'Allah ( God Willing) I'll be done with the 5th semester for good..!!

The exams were okay but I dont think I can describe them well. Pharmacology was something I'd dreaded a lot, and worked really hard for in the past four months and I did okay in it.Forensic Medicine bothered me the least, I worked the least for it and yet I think I did well in it. And the pathology,microbiology,immunology combination was something I'd really loved all this time but ended up hating it right before the day of exam. I think the sudden 11th hour shift was because all this time I'd been fretting over all the units of drugs we had in pharmacology ( Drugs for the Cardiovascular system, Respiratory system, Autonomic nervous system, smooth muscles,and  Antibacterials is a looot I tell you) and never noticed that General Pathology, General and Clinical bacteriology and Immunology is pretty extensive too ! But anyways, I worked hard and that's what counts. I'm sure Allah will give me a good result.

Other then the exam frenzy, facebook has been banned it Pakistan ! Just because a group of individuals thought of drawing up cartoons of my beloved Prophet and make fun of him on facebook. I'm not against any freedom of speech, thought or expression but I think others sentiments should not be hurt in the way. But any ways lets just hope things change and everyone learns to respect everyone else.

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