Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A micro post !!

That's the bunny we were supposed to do a practical on, in the pharmacology lab !
Uggh ! Its exam time again and I just cant concentrate ! My preparation for the exam sucks and the weird part is its not bothering me at all !! I mean I've always been the kind of person who's tense, and anxious about exams no matter how good or bad my preparation is, but this time I'm all cool and relaxed ! I wonder whether taking exams every five months has desensitized me to the whole exam phenomena or whether I've become a changed person over the past semester !

P.S - The rabbit wasn't harmed in any way during the course of the practical !


  1. Hi Najwa! I'm glad to hear that the rabbit was not harmed. I know that sometimes it is necessary to experiment on animals rather than humans for certain things, however it is nice when the task can be accomplished without harming anyone (animal or human).

    I hope you are successful on your tests. Perhaps you are learning it faster now and no longer need to study as much?

  2. Hey Carl ! Thanks for your comment. It sure is necessary to be testing on animals sometime for the benefit of mankind but I do hope we come up with some alternative ways :)

    And you're absolutely right Carl, I think I'm grasping things better now, wow you totally simplified that for me. Thanks :)