Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Aniqa - Its April the 13th !

Maryam - Oh no, its the 13th of October !

Huzair - His Id says 13th April !

Uzma - But I'm sure its 13th October !

Najwa - His facebook profile says April ! Should be April !

Mubashir - Well atleast we know its the 13th ! What difference does the month make ?

here we were discussing an issue as serious as the NASA's space shuttle plan or CERN's million dollar investmnts when Mubashir shocked us with his humor indifference and ,we all turned to look incredulously towards him who gave a triumphant smile, knowing that he'd stolen the show , and it doesn't matter to him how he does it because spotlight is all he wants !

And incase I've successfully gotten my readers to guess what the conversation was all about, no it wasn't the NASA, CERN , UN, no not the gaping holes in the ozone and no , not even  global warming !,  it was the discussion regarding a friend , Hunain's, birthday !! ( hey ! come on ! Its serious too ya know ) .

Most of us (in the clinical group) have just been friends with him since the start of this year and hence the confusion was justified ! The fact that he'd trick and dodge us by saying 13th April at sometimes and 13th October at others for the past 5 months did n't help either ! But ofcourse master's at finding excuses to celebrate birthdays that we're , we finally found out that 13th April was  his real date of birth . Having found that out for sure we planned a surprise for him. The idea was to pretend we forgot his birthday, ( now thats what you get when you keep confusing people with your birth dates !)  No one was to wish him, not by text msgs, not by phone calls, no e - cards and absolutely no facebook wall write ups ! We usually wish each other at 12 midnight on our birthdays but we obviously avoided that as well. The next day in college , we  spent the entire morning making a customised card for him with tags by everyone he knew. Huzair's job was to keep him busy while we did all that and to go buy his present (the day before) that we'd all agreed to give him.

His present is worth mentioning too because it was a wallet from Jafferjee's with his name embossed on it. Jafferjee's is one of the best leather brands in Pakistan . Its a hot choice for everything leather, here's a link to their website jafferjees. (Do check it out, you'll love it, I guarantee).

On the left are the many birthday tags from his card.

So finally, after our ward duty , Uzma and Aniqa rushed to give his card some final touches, Azka and I made sure we escaped unnoticed by Hunain to get the cake ready while Huzair yet again took the responsibility to keep Hunain busy ...After all the arrangements were done, we texted Huzair to bring him , and then.... 'SURPRISE ' We had a Happy Hunain standing in front of the cake amazed that we hadn't really forgotten his birthday inspite of all the confusion !

PS - Mubashir isn't really that indifferent , making silly comments is just one of the many things he does to make us laugh ! No offence Mubashir :)

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