Thursday, April 8, 2010


That's Huzair preparing to practice his IV insertion skills on me !

Time flies,and I realise this after around every 5 months. Which is exactly when its time for me to take my semester exams. I mean it seems like yesterday when I came back from vacation after the 4th semester and its time already to be geared up for the 5th !! So obviously, life is hectic again (as if it wasn't already), I can see the ever growing dark circles around my class fellow's eyes, I can feel the tension around me as everyone walks around with books in their hands, courtyards are empty and the cafeteria remains barren as the library grows ever populous ! We're aren't hanging out as much as we used to either..But life isn't all that colourless either, here's a little about whats been up lately..
  • The phase 1 of my research just ended ! And I'm really glad about that.
  • Dido's sister got engaged. Dido invited to me the engagement ceremony..We had fun and I must say, Dido's sis looked really pretty !! 
  • Huzair, Hunain, Zeeshan, Maryam, Anum, Uzma and I practiced giving IV injections to each other in the ward the other day. Now I can proudly say that I've moved on from Mannequins to real humans, I'm still not very good at it but I'll hopefully improve with practice.
  • I'm currently posted in the Surgery ward which I'm finding pretty interesting due to the wide variety of cases we get to see everyday. I was even thinking of taking up surgery for my post graduation but I dont think I'll be able to cope with the extra long work hours and the ultra sensitive job nature.
  • The weather has changed from hot to unbearably hot ! and its not just the heat, its the humidity that's killing me.
  • The Pakistani blind cricket team just won a Sharjah series match ! And I'm delighted over that. I think their hard work and passion should be appreciated and supported.Unfortunately this team is not given as much encouragement and recognition as it should be given. Cricket is a well enjoyed sport in Pakistan and if cricket played by men with normal eye sight gets so much attention, every effort should be made to draw attention to the hard work of these inspiring men as well ! They are men who lost their sight but have retained their vision and stand as role models for all of us !  
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