Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whats it gonna be ?

The last ward we had was the Medical ward. And it was the ward I enjoyed the most at. There was so much to learn and see. The credit goes to Dr.M ( our incharge), she was such a considerate and soft spoken lady unlike Dr.Dragon in the gynae ward who kept us running around on our toes and searching for shelter whenever she appeared. Dr. M always made an extra effort to make us understand what she taught and I could sense the patients liked her too ( her timely smiles and simple kind gestures must have meant a lot to them).

So I think I'm gonna re-write my liking priority for specialisation

1 - Neurology ( This first hasn't changed in 5 years !)
2- Internal Medicine
3 - Radiology
4- Opthalmology ( even though I really like the theoretical part of Opthalmology, I dont think I'll be able to find the guts to operate on eye, so that renders it pretty much useless ).

and the last on the list shall be Gynaecology ! Its dirty business I tell ya !!

Thats Huzair and Hunain making the best pretense of being serious in the Opthalmology ward ! :p


  1. about gynae... i visited the labour section at civil hospital a couple of weeks back and yes, it was gross. i mean the cases.

    i actually saw a blue, de-oxygenated new born who got delivered in the ward!! it happens so quickly sometimes that it's simply ... i don't what :P

  2. That's why I took BDS =o

    Neurology sounds good. If I were doing MBBS, I would have gone for it =)
    How about cardiology?

    Yes, gynaecolgy and opthalmology ..make me eeeek

    All the best =)

  3. well written post Najwa :) nice to read about your stay here in Karachi. I see you've already adapted to the unpredictable situations that arise in this city. keep writing and have fun as well

  4. "Thats Huzair and Hunain making the best pretense of being serious in the Opthalmology ward ! :p"
    bwahahahahaa loved it!