Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just before Eid !

Eid is just around the corner and the one thing I've learned over the years in Pakistan is that last minute Eid shopping is a very BAD idea. And I advise everyone to refrain from doing it, well unless you like over priced items, busy to  the point of un co-operative shopkeepers, no space to park your car, the panic of not finding the right thing, or a gazillion blaring shop announcements that a child in red/pink/green with a huge nose and a lollipop stuck in his mouth is at the control desk, wailing for his mom/dad/grandparents and wont tell his/her name because Mommy said not to tell your name to strangers !

I start my Eid prep before Ramadan, and I'm through and over with it by the mid of Ramadan, well except for a few minute things like getting my dopatta hemmed , or finding the right scarf to go with the dress, well you see I wouldnt be Najwa if I did everything exactly on time. But its usually no big deal because even if my family  is done with shopping, we do go out very frequently in Ramdan just to window shop and enjoy the hustle n bustle, the lightings etc etc..

This time Eid will be a sombre affair because of all the grief the nations going through, most of us haven't really shopped for Eid as we used to, and the shopkeepers agree that their sales are lower as compared to last years. But nevertheless, Eid is a gift from Allah and every muslim deserves to be happy on this day, albeit with simplicity. I hope we all get to share our happiness with the flood victims too, may God grant them a happy Eid too.


  1. Happy Bayram! as they say in Turkish! :))

  2. Eid Mubarak Najwa :) But last minute shopping is so much fun and if you've little patience those overpriced items could be bargained easily :P

  3. Eid Mubarak =D

    Last minute shopping is so much fun =D Esp. the chaand raat, i got most of the small stuff like jewelery and shoes just 2 days before eid. Yes the crowd is overwhelming and you shouldn't go out if you don't like that.

    Have Fun!