Friday, September 17, 2010

So its like the 7th day after Eid today. And I'm still not over the Eid mood. Perhaps its because I still have a little Mehndi (henna) left on my hands to remind me of it. This Eid was fun. The heavy showers on Eid day didnt affect my high spirits at all. We went to visit the elders of our family and I could also fortunately make a visit to my best friends home with my parents !. We had a looot of guests over at our place on the second day and the third too but we did go out in the evening. Eid is typically celebrated for three days and everyone makes the most out of it !

The Henna

This is after I peeled it off ! It was a little darker than it seems here

A part and parcel of Eid is all that wonderful food !! The Eid cakes, the mithai (traditional sweets) and the Saiwayyan (vermicilli cooked in milk and dry fruits)..yumm yumm yumm. I better go search the refrigerator if there's any left :) :)


  1. I love Eid time......its such a happy time....and oh I love eating Sheer khorma......not too fond of mithai though. Isnt it just the best thing to finish up the leftover sweet dishes later.....

  2. Hey sis Eid Mubarak belatd lol, i was sure i followed ur blog bt nthin comes up on my dashboard if u post
    oh well glad u had fun
    take care

  3. @ Hera- The left overs are the best part !! I just like Gulab Jamun among all the mithais, the rest are just plain boring :)

    @ Naz - Yeah it took me a loong time to do a post on Eid. I apologize. Actually I was too busy eating :)

  4. salam najwa!! what??!! no clothes in this post? its ok...the henna is gorgeous! im happy that the spirit of eid is still living within you. youre a happy person anyway mashallah.

    i got your comment on my pic over at FB, thank you very much for the compliment. i was trying to steal your pakistani sense of style that day as you can see lol

  5. Eid was so Fun! =D I got my hands done wid henna after many years.. seemed strangely good =)
    Yours look great!


  6. That is SO pretty! I have always wanted to get a henna tattoo but I have never seen one as intricate and pretty as yours! I guess I will just have to come to Pakistan to get one because the ones in the US don't even compare! haha

  7. @ Jana - Wasalam ! I knew you'd say this :) Actually this Eid was so busy that I wasnt able to take any pics. But dont worry, I'll wear the same dress again, take a pic, and post it here, very soon :)

    And I didnt mention it there ( my comment box on fb kept getting stuck) but your dress looked really pretty. Orange suits you :)

    @ JayMay- Thanks and Oh sure ! You're always welcome to Pakistan ! I'll make sure I take you to the best Henna Parlour in the city :)

    @ Sidrah - Your comments delight me :) And yeah I did henna after ages too, Felt gooood :)