Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Patriotism on fire !

Its 23rd March, Wednesday, today. Back in 1940, 23rd March was the day when the Muslim league resolved to establish a seperate nation called Pakistan, which was then geographically a part of India. This day is still celebrated as 'Resolution Day' and is a national Holiday. To top that ,today Pakistan is also playing its quarter final against West Indies in the Cricket World Cup 2011, so its Patriotism on fire. Yes Cricket for Pakistanis is all that and more, its faith, its sentiments, its patriotism, its ego etc etc. So yeah I have my fingers crossed for victory tonight :)


  1. Go, Pakistan, goooo! =D

    yayie.. all out =D

  2. thank you for writing this najwa...i had some problems trying to make ppl understand patriotism "on fire" as you say the other day and it was between pakistani lady and me. your article hit home and i wish she could read it

    best wishes pk in the quarter finals

  3. and we win toooo!!! all the way to semis!

  4. Thanks.......................... شکریہ........................

  5. Our players will, Inshallah, make us proud in Semi finals.
    P.s OMG. Nice blog you have got. Visit me, anytime :)