Monday, April 4, 2011

Watching the semis

Pakistan Zindabad !! ( long live Pakistan) - that was the slogan of the day on 30th March the day we had our semi-final ( Cricket world cup 2011) against India. Matches with India are always sensational, not only because both the teams are wonderful at the sport but also because India and Pakistan have long been rivals at almost everything, so its almost like a battle ground out there at the stadium.

Students from our college had arranged for the screening at a local banquet hall, so it was a huge screen and spectators from most of our college around that screen watching it with lights off, hooting, singing and enjoying every bit of it !! I must say, it was one of the most memorable days of my life, sitting with my friends, painting flags on each others face and then jumping up and down on every sign of success in the match !! But after one inning Fary, Azz and I left for Shii's place since a few of our friends were gathered at her house to watch the match. We drove down to her place like around fifteen blocks away with our faces half white and half green looking like ultimate fools :D We got pretty shocked stares including one from a lady who almost forgot to look ahead of her after her car passed us by :D

At the end of the day we lost the match, but that day and the days before shall forever be etched in my mind. Going team shirt shopping with friends, and trying to find green stuff ( Pak flag is green and white and all possible green items were out of market due to the cricket passion), waving my beloved national flag and praying for my team, its all a beautiful memory..We may have lost the match but it just helped all of us Pakistanis bind more strongly :) Long live Pakistan !


  1. Nice blog! :) you are lucky to be in Med school. :)

  2. winning n losing is part of the game but yea ppl were really hurt when pak lost. Ahhh..but yea atleast the match, for a time being united our nation. great blog : )

  3. I like your blog.congratulations:)