Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Annual pilgrimage to Haws Bay 2011 - Guest post

The following is an account by a blog follower of his recent trip to Hawks bay, a beach of Karachi. There you go Yaseen Ch, your post has been published... :)

Annual Pilgrimage to Hawks Bay 2011

It was a bright Sunday morning right at the end of January when we left for a picnic party to Karachi’s famous beach called Hawks Bay with lots of old and young people and some really young ones too.
Our initial plan was to leave at 11 but late as usual, we were finally able to left at 2:30. It took us an hour to reach the destination, we were definitely behind schedule, but as they say " It is never too late to have fun”

Chicken Biryani and crispy Aalu Chanaa, made by our fellow friends, were the lunch meals for the day.
It was relatively calm and there were few people out there on the beach something which is usually rare for a beach as busy as Hawksbay. The Soothing noise of the waves gives you a thought of never changing and never ending. Of being static, caught in time, it was the same sight and the same sound one year ago when i came here for the very first time and will stay same 50 years on. Only human feelings, emotions and company changes. 

You can’t stay on the beach without running, it compels you, and the sense of distant places almost over rides you. So do we decided to have a race which never ended as planned and instead was followed by a solo long run right to the end.

Joy of such visits is doubled if you have company of little ones who barely have learned to walk and we were lucky to have two of them. Nearly of the same age and having their first sight of the wide horizon.
Such visits are stored forever in your photographic memory, the faces, the dresses, the sentences spoken and gestures are never forgotten and continue to give you joy for all times to comes as there is a famous saying 

Ask not what tomorrow may bring, but count as blessing every day that Fate allows you”


  1. If these pics are from the same beach, I wouldn't call it 'calm'...

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