Friday, March 18, 2011

The ophthalmology scare !

So there I was studying about anterior blepharitis, chalazion and hordeolum 5 mins ago when I slammed the book shut and turned on a new tab with blogger to get my eyes off the images of stye on Google images ! Studying ophthalmology gives me the creeps, I'm ultra sensitive about the eye, observing it closely and the look of the fleshy interior lid margins set my heart on gallops and the mere discussion of cases on eye trauma paints such a horrid picture into my imagination that it makes my ears ring ! I bunked all the classes when we were supposed to attend and observe eye surgeries simply because I knew I wouldn't be able to stand it.

Everyone has their own share of phobias and weaknesses I guess, attending anatomy dissestions, surgeries and the sight of blood have never been a problem with me but the EYE drives me insane. I hope studying about it for four months will improve my tolerance !!


  1. Lord...i can so identify with this! Generally when talking to a patient...eye contact is extremely important...but when the eye itself is messed up..u really can't look at it without shuddering!!

  2. y'know what drives me insane..
    abdomen =( n abdominal palpations.

  3. @ Phunk Factor - Exactly and then you start twitching or make a fool out of yourself ! Ahh the patience and tolerance it takes :)

    @ Sana Castellano - And the palpations on pts with ascites !!!! It reminds me of Jelly and ending up with a comparison between a pt with ascites and Jelly ( something I like ) is nauseatingly NASTY !! :D

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