Sunday, October 17, 2010

The end - To Daam

Remember my Mid summer loves ? And how I was all up and excited to watch the drama Daam ? Well I watched the whole 17 episodes of the drama and was eager to watch the last (18th episode) on Friday at 8 pm when there was an unexpected power outage that brought the biggest AAW that could have ever escaped my mouth. The pain of suffering the power outage was nothing as compared to the agony of missing the last episode. I knew it wouldn't come up on You tube till after two days and I had no idea of the repeat telecast either, but today as I was in the shower I heard my mom knock at the door and tell me in a voice that seemed like a fail attempt to contain her excitement that -  Daam was on !!!!

This is the title song

Daam sure had a phenomenal ending,( Its very unlike me to have my eyes welled up with tears, but in this case it did happen !)  it wasnt like those fairy tale like dramas where everything miraculously falls back into place and 'they live happily ever after' but it wasnt sad either. It was 'real' where sacrifices were made, tears were shed but everyone had to go on with life with their own share of bitter memories. Happiness did come but to those who sacrificed the most.

Here's a brief review.

Zaara and Maleeha are best friends and class fellows in a medical college . Zaara comes from a very poor family while Maleeha is totally the opposite. But nevertheless Zaara's and Maleeha's friendship is exemplary and they're more like sisters. Maleeha's rich bro Junaid also admires their friendship and falls in love with Zaara. They hide their likings for each other from Maleeha who finally discovers it ( thanks to her evil sis-in-law to be who wants to marry Junaid) Maleeha falls for her SILs slanderings and cleverly comes in between Zara and Junaid. The lives of both Zara and Junaid fall apart and Maleeha loses her friendship. But time makes her realise how her selfishness has actually disturbed and destroyed three families and how none of them is happy....All in all it was a brilliant drama, a little slow at times but perfectly directed and marvelously acted. I really appreciate 7th Sky production's effort to highlight social issues in this drama and others.

Moral - Life can often be a challenge but if you hang through it with righteousness you will emerge victorious ...


  1. Never watched it..but I'm glad it wasn't like one of those horrid productions like that of our sister country!

  2. absolutely loved it the way you've put it. Phan mida. :D

  3. eeee.. my mum watched it.. she missed half of the last episode. She was so upset =O

  4. Stupid drama, like your stupid blog, fuck you!!

  5. I dont know anything about it :P. But i like the moral you gave at the end :).