Sunday, October 17, 2010

Downtown wanderings !

Many of my recent posts have been about what I feel and I'm sure I've gotten most of you bored with my emotions brimming over the edge and spilling all over this blog. So this time I'm gonna post about all the wonderful and not so wonderful things I've been upto..
This building was built in 1906.

Like this pic ? Well I love it ! It looks like a poster for some teenage adventure movie. The building in this pic is a library just behind my college. And since my college is located in the city downtown, a part of old Karachi, there is no dearth of such ,old, British era buildings. Many of them are not very well preserved and I really wish we had some heritage preservation commitee to mantain them. Well anyway this building seems to be well mantained. We just wandered here after our ward one day but unfortunately it was closed at that time so we couldnt see the interior. I hope we go there again some time.

We ventured deeper into the sprawling old Karachi last week when we suddenly planned to go to Subway (the sandwich shop :D we don't have subs in Karachi ). A few of us jumped into Aniqa's car while the rest of us took an Autorickshaw. The Auto rickshaw is my favourite mode of public transport !! Its safe and its fun :)

A traditional rickshaw
These are the modern, energy efficient rickshaws which are gradually replacing the noisy, and carbon emitting older ones

Many of my friends often travel in the downtown, but I rarely get the oppurtunity. I love getting to see new things,explore places and find something or other to get awed and amazed.Thats one reason I can never sleep in the car. I keep my eyes wide opened like an owl and keep staring around with my neck turning in all directions. On this particular autorickshaw trip I got to see the building of the State of Pakistan, the KPT building, the session court, a very old church, Habib Bank Plaza, and a building that brought me a very strong flashback. I remember going there with my parents as a child ( I have an elephant's memory)

The Habib Bank Plaza

The State Bank of Pakistan ( This is a building from the British era too)
The KPT building

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  1. What does KPT stands for? Excellent post, great pictures, we should all do this from time to time in cities we live, not that I never wanted to but, yes never did so as well!

    And I have my reservations at your notion of Auto Rickshaw's being safe.. :P