Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My birthday !

Im really sorry that it took me so long to put up a new post. There were a lot of things that kept me busy, first and foremost was my birthday , on the 19th of July, and then it was the post birthday excitement etc.

I must say , this was one of the best birthday I've ever had. It started by a text msg from Hunain, wishing me a Happy Birthday, a good 20 mins before midnight, and then Sidra and Farwa called up with their happy cheerful voices which already gave me a feeling that this birthday was gonna be special. But then , the confrence call from Uzma nad Faryal exactly at 12 midnight made me grin so hard in joy that I could feel my cheeks hurt ! All this time there was an incessant noise of incoming text alerts ( Music to my ears !), I had almost 30 ppl greet me thru text msgs, around 8 through phone calls, and more than a 100 facebook wall posts !!!

And ofcourse, I finally got to see what Uzma was hiddenly preparing for my birthday - It was a scrap book cum story book with autographs and greetings from all the possible people I know, she sure put in a lot of effort. Love u Uzma !

 So what about the party you ask ? Well , we had a party/lunch at Nando's, it was a combined treat by me and Huzair, his birthday was on the 7th of July. Here are some pics 

Thats me reading the scrapbook ------>

just a few friends from the party


  1. hey najwa thanks for the treat...we had a lot fun..glad you liked the gift :D

  2. salam and happy belated birthday love!!! its ok, you had a good reason for missing in action lol.

  3. Here is a late Happy Birthday wish for you, Najwa... it appears you had a great party! :D

  4. Hey. Belated Happy birthday Najwa :D

  5. Wasalam ! And thanks a lot everyone :)

  6. add one more to ur bday wish..happy belated bday :)