Friday, July 9, 2010


I had to go to the nikah ( marriage) ceremony of my mom's cousin yesterday and this is what I wore...

its a dhoti shalwar, the shalwar (trouser) looks like a dhoti ( its a fabric that men in the rurals wrap around their abdomen like a skirt with a bit or twirls and wraps here and there), hence its called dhoti shalwar. It isnt exactly 'in' these days but I had this dress in my closet for the a very long time and I had only worn it once so I thought I better wear it before my mom makes her usual declaration that I have more clothes than I need.

The shoes were Khussey  - they're traditional hand made shoes with embroidery and beads on them..


  1. you are SO pretty mashallah and so very stylish!! i LOVE to look at the pics of the clothes that youre wearing. so very lovely.

  2. i love the khussa... its been a while since I have had one of those :-) Hope you had Fun!

  3. Hey! Lovely clothes! I love khussas, they're so mugal and cute ^^
    I read ur post on blossoming brilliance about civil (and ive commented too) and it is excellent, more so becos I know what youa re talking about! I am a dowite as well! It's nice to know there are dowites who are bloggers ^^
    Keep it up, ive followed ur blog.

  4. Thanks a lot my lovely dear followeres :)

  5. @ Sana - It sure is exciting for me to come across a blogger who's a medical student and that too some one from Dow !! Im following you too..And btw thanks for the appreciation regarding the article :) Keep visiting :)

  6. I know this is an old post but I used to have a shirt that was very similar to this!

    ~ Shaza ~