Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exams, friends and summer

My exams finally ended after we took the the OSPE (Objective structured practical examination ) this week. They went okay, but I really don't know what GPA to expect. With all my belief in Allah I have hopes that it will Inshallah (God willing) be 3 or above, but lets see (fingers crossed). Other then that the best part is that I have two whole weeks off ! It seems like such a huge blessing after all the hardwork for exams.

But the downside of vacations is being away from friends whom I could meet on a daily basis when college was on . We could n't plan any outing since the heat is simply unbearable ( a scorching 38 C !!!)and everyone prefers to stay indoors at this time of the year but nevertheless I'm hoping to meet my buddies for cofee tomorrow evening and I think we'll go shopping on Saturday (My friend has discovered this new shoe store which makes custom shoes as per your choice and colour for just Rs 200 ($2.50) !!!! so naturally I cant wait to check it out ). Other then that my cat has given birth to three most adorable kittens , I'm still thinking about what names I should give them.I'll upload their pics in my upcoming posts

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