Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A hot, happening and interesting summer day

I've been crossing my fingers with a very high frequency for the past few days, the reason- today was the day we were supposed to get our result transcripts. This well anticipated day (today) took an odd start when I woke up half an hour late !! I hopped and galloped all across the room to get ready in time. Then when I was at a distance of 15mins from college, what greeted me at the roundabout was a huge traffic jam ( I'm jinxed to meet traffic jams whenever I'm running late), anyways my driver took a detour only to find it jammed as well, but my clever old driver who was once a driver with a railway officer and knows the city like his own house, made another detour to get to college. Now this detour took us from the other side of the city and costed me 40 mins due to which I missed my first lecture !! When I finally arrived, my friends were waiting for me so that we could get the transcripts togethor.We got in line, collected them and them opened them togethor.I got a GPA 3.88 !!!! I had'nt expected such a good GPA because of the problems I had listed in one of my previous posts. But a 3.88 GPA came as such a relief and such a reward after all the hardwork I put in. (Thank God)

Any ways then we had our second lecture where I sat next to my best friend,Uzma ( we have the same classes this semester). Uzma was in a hyperenergetic state today for God knows what reason, she kept bugging me, nudging me, kicking me under the table and made faces at me while the teacher wasn't looking, she was annoying and funny at the same time. But when I finally realised that I was missing out important stuff in the lecture, I swapped seats and left her to bother my other best friend Misbah who kept smiling despite of the storm underneath :p.

The devil grinning :)

Our last class today was a skills lab ! Its my favourite class beacuse of the hands-on experience we get about emergency management and other clinical skills. I performed my first venepuncture and inserted the first cannula of my life ! It was on a mannequin especially made for this purpose ( The dummy arm has a system of veins with fake blood in it ) It was fun to experience some clinical performance

The days are hot as ever but it was windy in the evening today. I hope it rains tomorrow.

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  1. I have to tell you that I cringe at needles, so you are a much better person that I, Najwa! Congratulations on your great GPA!!!