Monday, April 27, 2009

Comedy of confusion at KFC !

The theory part of my exams finally ended yesterday after what seemed like an eternity. Life really does slow down when all you've got to do is sit down and study all day. Today was my day to relax and enjoy !! In the evening I stepped out to to grab a meal from KFC for myself and my family, but boy was it crowded, my dad n I played clever n joined different ques so that whoever reached the counter first could place the order.
It took me half an hour to get to the counter just because the cashier kept taking orders from the customers in other ques as well !! Well when I finally reached the counter and placed the order I complained to the cashier for his unfair dealing, well I did go a little hot in my tone just little teeny tiny bit.What ensued was funny because in my frustration instead of giving him my credit card I gave him my club card which ,he ,in his nervousness thought of as my credit card and charged it as well. I signed the receipt, took my meal and walked out. It was when I reached home did I pull out the receipt and notice that the receipt was a club receipt to load points on my card and not charge money ,and, only then did I realize that I had given him my club card instead of my credit card !!!!! And so I ended up with a meal of worth Rs 450 for free !!!.I think I'm gonna go tomorrow and pay but I keep having second thoughts....ehhehhe

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  1. Haha..:D..that's funny..lucky you..

    But I think you should go and pay the bill..*winks*