Friday, December 27, 2013

Forgotten entities

Do you forget stuff ? Like sitting in front of those gates at the airport, as you walk to board the plane you leave something behind! A pen, earphones etc. You never really realize its gone until later. By that time the dear commodity is either someone else's possession, is in the trash, or maybe lying in a cold dark bin of lost and found in the corner of a busy office. Does losing that item change your life in anyway ? What if at a point in life you left behind a part of yourself and just moved on. Oblivious that you are now missing a fragment from yourself you keep walking until something triggers the awareness. Now, I repeat the question, does that change you in anyway ? Had you been any different if you hadn't left it behind ?......We all forget. What from yourself have you forgotten to carry on ? A hope, faith, trait,or a dream maybe ?

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