Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Update # 1 - The Pakistani girl aint in Pakistan no more :(

Okay so this has really been bothering me, my blog is about 'The days in life of a Pakistani girl' and I always posted about life in Pakistan, but now that I've moved, does that kill the entire theme of my blog ? Secondly am I still a girl and not a woman ?

I moved to the US this year, its not that US isn't home to me, it was for many years but getting a one way ticket to here for Karachi was quite painful. I dont know when I'm going back to my friends and that just makes me sad, plus its also nagging me about what this blogs gonna be about now !

The second part about being a girl or a woman, I GRADUATED !! Wooohooo ! So yeah I'm a physician/doctor and I dont think I qualify to be called a girl. It doesn't help though that people around me still think I look like a high school student and have expressed their thought UMPTEEN times. Not funny.

So here's what I've decided. Since Im a Pakistani originally, I can just blog as a Pakistani girl living and enjoying in America and still missing Pakistan. Its gonna be a blend of both east and west :)

As for the girl/woman dilemma, I'm just going to call myself a girl until I get atleast 10 strands of grey hair :D


  1. Or till you get married!

    Welcome back though. :)

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  3. Thanks :) and no I'll just wait for the grey strands, will give me more time to stay a girI I guess :D

  4. Hi
    I am actually from Pakistan myself and I was looking to find someone who was more like me Iin this big world we live in. I am also living in America. its strange to say this but its nice to see another Pakistani person I feel like the only one out here. But back home I have a big family. Well thanks for sharing.
    P.s Yes you should still blog even if you are not living in Pakistan. :)

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