Monday, August 22, 2011

'The wild goose chase' and me !

Seems like people do wanna hear more about me being chased down the street by wild geese !I often get e-mails from readers complimenting me, asking me stuff about the Pakistani culture etc, but this time I was actually amazed to be getting numerous e-mails asking me to post about the goose story I mentioned in the last post !

Okay so here's what happened. Somewhere back in June, on one of the Sundays, when the neighborhood usually is really calm, quiet and deserted in the early hours of the morning, my dear mom realised that we needed bread for breakfast. And who's the person who always comes in handy for all the 'please go and fetch some...' kinda chores ? ME. We have a nice little convenience store down the block. Its pretty close by so I decided to walk, I was sleepy anyway, so walking (instead of driving) was a better option. I walked out of the door and down the street. One of my neighbors was washing his car at a distance, I turned left and walked a little more, passing by a home where some new people had moved in. There was a huge cage in front of that home with all kinds of birds in it. I heard a dog bark inside and right near the door was something like a shed in which were sitting two geese and a baby goose. I was just admiring the fact that the new people are probably animal lovers when suddenly one of the goose stood up and started walking behind me. I paced up a little but I think I just gave the wrong sign because that evil thing extended its neck like an arrow and ran charging towards me. The other also began to follow and make weird duck-ish noises ! Within a few minutes here's how what it looked like - me running at full speed down the street, followed by a wild goose chasing me with its long neck all extended and parallel to the ground , and wings spread wide while the other goose gave a horrible background music to the entire scenario. I was still confused at which way to run to save myself when my neighbor drove into the street with his car and  smartly braked it in between me and the goose. And thats how I was saved ! He stayed there with his car until I safely crossed the street. Later on my way back from the store I completely avoided that route and took a longer way instead.

I still wonder what would have happened if the goose did outrun me or something ? I mean would it have bitten me ? eaten me alive or what ?


  1. Hahaha. I can imagine the whole scene. Often happened to me.
    At first I thot the title is a metaphorical but ah.its literally a goose chase!e. Often happened to me.
    At first I thot the title is a metaphorical but ah.its literally a goose chase!

  2. Your blog is so similar to mine! :) I am glad there are people out there who have an eye for the best in Paksitan and not the worse! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

    Keep blogging! =)

  3. @ mohammed Israr - hehe yeah, its as real as could be ! So I'm not the only one I know of who's been chased now, phew :D

    @ Kaibee - The similarity was what caught my attention :) Thanks for visiting my blog too :)

  4. just stumbled upon! Loved going through your posts =) may Allah bless you! <3

  5. Nice..Interesting post :)
    Geo Pakistanio

  6. woot =P i was one of those emails hehe :D sounds so crazy haha getting chased by a goose... maybe a dog but a goose?? =P


  7. Entertaining post! Very colorful blog, may I ask whether you relocated to Pakistan from the middle east as I get that vibe from your post. Do check out my fledgling blog, and I'll definitely be following yours.

  8. No najwa you're not the only one! There is this whole group of maniacs termed Anatidaephobics! Maniacs, yes! :P

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