Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One of the best cures for influenza !

It's been weeks since the sun has'nt shone properly, hence this is the peak time for the flu to spread. Sadly, I've fallen victim to the evil virus.And all I can do is blow my nose and cough as the proteinaceous alien grows and multiplies in my body ! I'm taking medicines but more than that I'm drinking as much hot drinks and soups as I can drink,or rather as much as my mom can make me drink !. One of the various things I'm treating myself with is a therapeutic herbal tea called 'Johar Joshanda' by Qarshi ( The company that makes it) Its the most effective and miraculous cure for flu,sore throats and other flu related symptoms that I've been able to find. I believe every household from every strata of the society in Pakistan would agree on its effectiveness and would testify to its being miraculous. And incredibly I'm not the only one who says that..

Here is a link to page from the Times magazine..Its an article by Aryn Baker

Just to add, this tea can be found internationally at shops that sell Indian/Pakistani products.


  1. I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well, Najwa. Please try to recover as quickly as possible, as it certainly is no fun being sick. It might be interesting to try Johar Joshanda some time... or is the taste bad where one would only drink it if feeling ill? I hope you feel better soon, Najwa!!!

  2. Thanks Carl ! I'm certainly feeling better. Its taste is like regular green tea with a slight tinge of cinnamom and sandal wood (Thats how it tastes to me, its pretty difficult to describe its taste though:)) It is used in illness because its therapeutic but I know people who drink it during winters just to prevent illness and some others who drink it once in a while just for good digestion :)I usually don't drink tea so Johar Joshanda is something I turn to only when I'm ill :)