Sunday, July 19, 2009

My day dreaming problem

A pic from the Northern areas of Pakistan - The Himalyas

I'm a day dreamer and always have been, but unfortunately now this habbit is proving disadvantageous and problematic to mention the least.I'm growing absent-minded beacuse of the constant day-dreaming. Sometimes its just a moment of my thoughts drifting away to some imaginative situation and at other times its a good long phase when I completely lose track of time. I forget what people say to me or what instructions I'm being given.It does n't just annoy me it irritates the people around me. My 'glass half- full' approach to this situation is that philosophers and scientists are always absent minded. They say Einstein forgot to attend his own wedding while another scientist (I've forgotten who it was ) boiled his watch for a whole 20 mins thinking it was an egg !!!

My mom's 'glass half-empty' approach to this situation is that every scientist may have been absent minded but every absent minded person does not turn into a scientist !!!.

(I know she's right but I'll continue with my optimistic approach while trying to improve :))


  1. LOL Najwa. Please do not be too concerned. I think it is great to have the ability to let your mind wander at times... it shows you are very creative!!! And creative people are the most interesting, and also they are the inventors of things new. Best wishes! :D

  2. By the way, Najwa... the photo of the mountains and valley is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks a lot for the supportive comment Carl :) it sure gave me strength and ofcourse relief !

  4. LMAO - you should see some dreama-tologist :P