Friday, November 28, 2008

Starting off

Okay ! so I'm finally blogging and I swear I'll do it seriously this time. I just realized what an excellent method blogging is to not just vent my feelings but also to show the world who I really am and what an average Pakistani girl goes through in her everyday life contrary to what the media might portray. It feels so bad to know that a lot of people out there have n't seen Pakistan in real life and the only image they have of Pakistan is that of a country filled with dirty uncivilised beasts of people, an image which they get from the T.V and newspapers. But ofcourse they are n't the ones to be blamed , if I was n't a Pakistani myself I may have thought of it the same way !.

Unfortunately its a very tiny portion of my country which the camera captures and flashes across the TV screens, it never shows the beautiful terrain, the cultural diversity, the rich history or the grandeur of the civillisations that have ruled in and out throughout history and have left their imprints on Pakistan. Its sad that Pakistan fell prey to the conflicts that have arisen recently , conflicts that the world thinks Pakistan is a source of when actually its a victim to them. No country, I repeat, no country in the world has suffered as much as Pakistan has in fighting AGAINST terrorism as Pakistan.

All I'm trying to say here is that to judge an entire country or an entire nation by the activities of a handful of people is not a wise thing to do. Just like every Jew is not a zionist, every african not a criminal, every Pakistani is not a terrorist either !

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